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Aviation 400 British Airways A350-1000 G-XWBA Scale 1/400 WB4008

Aviation 400 British Airways A350-1000 G-XWBA Scale 1/400 WB4008

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    The Best Brand for this livery as a A350 !!

    Posted by Garry on 10th Feb 2020

    Please all ignore the picture provided by Airspotters as its a picture is of the PHOENIX 1:400 scale version take of a BA A350-1000 and its the worst out of the 4 i have seen at 1:400 scale!

    The first one that came available was a Gemini Jets in 2018 August time! I was tempted but held out as of rumours of a new livery and of any livery changes they may well be done before BA gets their first in July 2019!

    I and many others it seems 'bet' the right way!
    Straight away their were flaws with the Gemini jets version and a year later we see they missed out the idea that BA for the first time on their own fleet would colour the winglets in a design or colour? Indeed they were painted in the Union Jack tail design but it was too late for Gemini jets on both scales 1:200 & 1:400 unless they did a future model!

    Phoenix one thats in the picture is not the AV400 model and it is awful! The blue is too high up the fuselage and the windows point to the sky! Also the nose is terrible! Worst Phoenix model i have seen for a long time but their mould is the worst as Gemini uses the JCWings mould to my knowledge,better but not as good as AV400!

    Now to the actual model!;

    This is getting a 4* as the BA livery too me is not great in real life even so its done very well indeed on the model but has one or 2 issues i have noticed!!

    Now too me the BA livery is blande and cheap and thats why the airline is joker now compared to what it use to be when it had Landor livery and the regal look! Now as low-run type budget international flyer courtesy of IAG and Willie Walsh/ Mr.Cruz CEO BA. Bottom dollar run enterprise now compared to the Arabic airlines who run the REAL-DEAL! What BA Should BE like !!!!
    Emirates,Qatar,Oman,Etihad in all classes way better and what BA should be like in standards to my view! If they were run like they once was ,i am sure Sir Colin Marshall would have had BA on a similar par for interior design and comfort! Willie Walsh ,destroyed it and turned into his Irish low budget dream!! Ryan Air Copy-cat almost!

    We were all hoping for a new livery to be revealed on the first BA A350 ,though we were all let down! Apparently one is still coming and hope we get rid of all this dreadful white paint everywhere! How ever this boring livery actually looks quite swell on a BA A 350 for some ODD reason??? Though a new one is coming as of the new uniform and branding i have read about! Please some more colour next time round!

    The problem i have noticed of late with A350 AV 400 models is the lack of engine exhaust colour they are now doing? Whether its lazyness or they are not bothering as much as before ,i have noticed lack or very little compared to what they did before!!! I hope standards are not slipping but that has annoyed me that there is hardly any dark blue paint on those cones! I may apply myself as of the lack of it! That was one thing with the coloured jewel lights that made them AV400 stand out amongst the rest at 1:400 scale !!

    Overall the model by AV400 for BA is very good! Faultless actually in application of graphics, mould,design,colouring etc! My only nit -pick was the engine cones on the last 2 aswell i had were getting less and less and now hardly at all the blue! Come on AV400,why no blue paint??

    This model is way better ,alot better than anything attempted at this scale of 1:400 by Phoenix,Gemini jets, Herpa, and JCWings if they do one as it will be not as good i can assure you! their Etihads just released are not as good as the Av400 Etihads by a long shot! i know as a compared mine to someone who has the JCwings one!! its good but inferior!

    Overall very pleased but i am going to have to do some painting to make it perfect like they have been in the past! Also well over 6 months i have waited this from release due date!!! They are going down the JCWings route of late delievering! Patience is a must now with AV400!
    Though for me i will not double up but NG is starting to do A350's for those who have still not bought A350's or wish to build up their fleets /liveries with another good brand!!!