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Brexit/Covid Update 6th January 2020

Brexit/Covid Update 6th January 2020

Posted by Malcolm on 6th Jan 2021

It has been two days since we have been back at work properly. Nearly 100% of the sale stock has been sent out along with the normal orders. Peter is working miracles in Corby dealing with far more orders then normal at this time of year. By the end of this week we should be up to date. 

BREXIT : Is still very foggy on this front at the moment and we are learning new things everyday. We basically have our house in order with what we needed to do. We have our EORI number and are VAT and TAX registered. We have spotted some stealth charges cropping up but cannot say at this moment in time if they will affect prices on future models. At the moment we are leaving it a while to get a better picture.

Phoenix and Aeroclassics : The models have now left our European supplier and in the very capable hands of UPS. We are not sure how long they will take to get to us it was 24 hours. However we would expect 48 hours plus at the moment. It is now down to the sender to complete the paperwork prior to sending. Our main European supplier has been fantastic in there help so far. 

ARD Models : The 747 models are in Southampton as they were redirected to avoid Felixstowe pre-christmas congestion. We are hoping to have them here by end of the month. Paul at ARD is doing his very best to get them out to us. The 767 and 757 models will follow on behind and will be a month later.

December Gemini models : These have arrived at Felixstowe and on UK soil and were again delayed by pre Brexit congestion. When our supplier updates us with more information we will off course put it here for you.

Covid : We continue to work remotely and accepting orders online. 

To sum up this blog post we would say we are all doing everything we can along with our suppliers here and in Europe to make this transition as smooth as we can. 

If you have any questions please email Malcolm on 

We appreciate your support during a difficult first few weeks.


Malcolm and Peter