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Gemini Jets Model Aircraft Scale 1/400 "Who are they"

Gemini Jets Model Aircraft Scale 1/400 "Who are they"

Posted by Airspotters on 23rd Feb 2023

Gemini Jets 

Established in December 1998 by Elliott Epstein, Airliners Distributing, Inc. created the Gemini Jets brand to specialize in 1:400 model airplanes. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, the company has been successful in the market since its conception.

We are authorised retailers of these superb models and have been selling them since we started in our business in 2005. We are based in the United Kingdom

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Approx Model Aircraft Sizes Guide of Popular Models 

A320neo Wingspan  9cm x Length  9.4cm x Height 3 cm
A321 Wingspan  8.5cm x Length 10.4cm x Height 3 cm
A330-900neo Wingspan 16cm  x Length  15.9 x Height 1.9cm
A380-800  Wingspan 19.9cm x Length  18.2cm  x Height 6cm
B737-800  Wingspan 8.6cm x Length  9.9cm x Height 3.2cm
B747-400  Wingspan 16.2cm x Length 17.7cm x Height 4.9cm
B777-300  Wingspan 16.2cm x Length 18.5cm x Height 4.7cm
B787-900 Wingspan 15cm x Length 15.7 x Height 4.3cm
ATR 600 Wingspan  6.8cm x Length  6.8cm x Height 1.9cm

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