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Our blog at you can help us get better

Our blog at you can help us get better

Posted by Malcolm on 23rd Jun 2021


We never knew so many people follow and read our blog. It is amazing and it is something I personally do not put enough time into. 

What would you like to see here in the future.

  1. Real Aviation News   
  2. Model News
  3. Both 
  4. Pictures of your models collections 

Email your ideas to me Malcolm at or just tell us you have seen this page 

Last night I went to the industrial area near Gatwick and was shocked by the demolition of the Virgin Offices. These were right next to the Boeing simulators. 

Here are some pictures.

Some of the office still appear furnished with books on the shelves 

We think it's going to be warehouse and distribution 

Boeing simulators they have a model shop you can visit please call first.