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Pictures of LGW2021 on Sunday 12th September 2021

Pictures of LGW2021 on Sunday 12th September 2021

Posted by Malcolm on 13th Sep 2021

We did not know what to expect on the day it was the first show since April 2019 and quite honestly we were all rusty. We need not have worried the show went off with bang and even though numbers were down owing to the European contingent could not make it we had a fantastic time. Everyone we meet were happy to be here and some had travelled miles to get here. Today the day after I am feeling happy but extremely tired. 

Till next time!

Jimbo who helps out at our shows and me malcolm in the middle and Peter on the right end makeup

Below are some general pictures of the show and is was a fantastic success. 

Geoff Noble above doing what he does best and one of the nicest people you are every likely to meet in my book. stand above 

Robert Oddie above with his usual fantastic display of models.