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Corgi Showcase  Apollo Command Module Fit the Box CS90647

Corgi Showcase Apollo Command Module Fit the Box CS90647

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Responsible for carrying all three astronauts and the Lunar Module into lunar orbit the Apollo Command module played a vital role in the Apollo 11 landings. The Command Module was 11m high and 3.9m wide and having taken off from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, on July 16th delivered it’s passengers to their destination in just four days. On their return to Earth the three astronauts had to spend 21 days in quarantine to ensure they hadn’t contracted a “moon disease” once finally released a parade and state dinner was hosted on the 13th of August to celebrate the mission’s success. In 1961 President John F. Kennedy had committed to seeing a man land safely on the moon within a decade, and thus his promise to the world had been achieved.

Scale Fit the Box

Limited 1500

Length 70mm 
Age Suitability 5+