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Selling your model aircraft

If you have a collection of model aircraft in boxes and wish to sell them we may be able to help.  


We can only offer this service within the UK


Please bear in mind the following points which will affect the price we can offer;


  • We will collect in person or arrange courier collection.
  • Once collected we will have to inspect every model for flaws/missing/broken components
  • Cleaning - we clean every model box with sanitiser prior to stocking
  • Photography - we take detailed pictures of most models to promote on the website
  • Profit - we have to make a profit on the overall collection
  • We have to declare tax on each sale
  • You will get more money selling privately 


The upside is that we will take all the models, even those that will return no profit, offset by the models that will return a good profit.

We will offer the best price possible and pay the agreed amount on or before collection.


Your models will be going to genuine collectors who will continue to cherish them.

Please state nearest large town you are in so we can consider a possible visit to collect

Please use the form below or email direct to or call us on 01536 639 707