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JC Wings BOAC Vickers VC10 Series 1101 G-ARVK Scale 1/200 XX2374

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The Vickers VC10-1101, with the registration G-ARVK, had a career intertwined with testing and a notable incident. 

  • BOAC Service: This VC10 served with British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) and then BA
  • Liveries: G-ARVK sported the classic BOAC "Golden Speedbird" livery during its service. It did serve with Gulf Air and final with the Royal Air force. Do not hink it was actuall painted in BA red tail livery as it went to Gulf Air in 1975.


  • Test Flight Incident: Information available indicates that G-ARVK was involved in an incident during a test flight for certificate renewal. Details suggest:
    • A depressurization event occurred around 4,000 feet.
    • Engine number 4 shut down.
    • Warning lights for the rear passenger door and galley door came on.
    • The crew managed the situation and landed the aircraft safely.

G-ARVK's operational history started in 1964 and ended in 1998.

Age Guidance:
Over 14 years and older
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