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Aeroclassics Aerocondor Boeing 720 HK-1973 Scale 1/200 AC211069

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The Aeroclassics Aerocondor Boeing 720 HK-1973 Scale 1/200 AC211069 is a detailed diecast model airplane replica that captures a specific Boeing 720 jetliner that once flew for Aerocondor, a Colombian airline. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

  • Scale: 1/200 - This means the model is 200 times smaller than the actual airplane. Every 200 centimeters on the real aircraft is represented by 1 centimeter on the model.
  • Aircraft: Boeing 720 - A narrow-body jet airliner, shorter and lighter than the famous Boeing 707, that served airlines in the 1950s and 1960s.
  • Airline: Aerocondor - A Colombian airline.
  • Registration Number: HK-1973 - The unique identification code for this particular Boeing 720 aircraft.
  • Brand: Aeroclassics - A brand known for diecast airplane models, often featuring classic propellers and jet airliners.
  • Product Code: AC211069 - This helps identify the model when searching for retailers or pricing information.
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