NEW Emirates Livery Lands at London Gatwick 25th May 2024

NEW Emirates Livery Lands at London Gatwick 25th May 2024

Posted by Malcolm Airspotters on 25th May 2024

It was a good clear day and Emirates sent in a new tail livery A380 to Gatwick. I had one hour free time today so got in my car and popped up to the A23. I had to park in the Industrial estate and then walk past the Beehive first terminal and get to the busy A23. I can send you a spotting map so please do contact us through 

When you are at this location the aircraft appear from behind trees. It best to have flight radar with you so you know when. You have about 30 seconds view from here so be quick. also avoid double decker buses and lorries passing. As they will bomb you shot easily.

I have been photographing for over 50 years so my experience and camera are good. I started out with a Kodak Box Brownie and now have a Canon 5D MKIII. Yes this camera is 2012 and has been superseded by better cameras. What you cant change is the photographer and that is you. All you can do is learn your camera and bond with it. Never buy a new camera to take better photos. It you that's got to learn to use your camera to its peak performance settings. Do that and most of your photos will be top draw. If you get 100% each time then I simply would not believe you. You have to have bad shots in order to improve for next time.

Do not be afraid to take parts of planes. This adds interest to you photo shoot. Here I have focussed in on the tail. Remember you have 30 seconds to capture what you want to capture. The plane does not know you are there and all it is doing is landing. I have messed up and prayed for a go around at times. Rarely does that happen.

Last picture is capture the airport in the photo.plsnes in the sky can be anywhere and you want to tie the aircraft to a location. My location is Gatwick so I do this shot on purpose so we know where I am. There are so many things I could teach you. If you like to now more then please send me questions on photography through my other website. .

Setting for this photo were as follows and taken from the camera.

Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark III ƒ/9 1/2000 196 mm ISO 320

Thank you reading this