Posted by Airspotters on 21st Jun 2024

As always please check you still want the pre-order now and lets us know if you changed your mind. We do not wish to bring in stock that is not wanted. We sure you still do want your order, however we are aware some of you have waited along time. Even I forget what I have ordered some days. 

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AV2094 1/200 B-32AJ Tibet Airlines Airbus A319-153N
AV4188 1/400 F-WWDD Airbus Industrie Airbus A380-861 detachable gear
BB4707001 1/400 Aer Lingus Boeing 707-300C Reg: EI-APG With Antenna and Dedicated Sticker
BB4707003 1/400 Pan Am Boeing 707-300B Reg: N435PA With Antenna and Dedicated Sticker
BX101101SET1 1/400 Dragonair L1011 Tristar 2 in 1 box set (VR-HOD, VR-HOK)
FWDP-FT-4008 1/400 Airport Fire Truck Set New Toolings 1/400 Airport Fire Truck Set "New Toolings"
IF319AY1123 1/200 FINNAIR A319 OH-LVE RETRO SCHEME with stand
IF319AZ1223 1/200 Alitalia Airbus A319-112 I-BIMA with stand
IF320QF1123 1/200 QantasLink Airbus A320-232 VH-VQR with stand
IF321AA0124 1/200 American Airlines Airbus A321-231N162AA with stand
IF359AI1223 1/200 AIR INDIA A350-941 VT-JRA with stand
IF359AY0524 1/200 Finnair Airbus A350-941 OH-LWR with stand
IF359ET0324 1/200 Star Alliance (Ethiopian Airlines)Airbus A350-941 ET-AYN with stand
IF359HOUSEXWB 1/200 Airbus A350-900 House Colours 'flightlab' F-WXWB ( with stand)
IF359ITA0524 1/200 ITA Airways Airbus A350-941 EI-IFF "MONZA 100" with stand
IF359TG0624 1/200 Star Alliance (Thai Airways ) Airbus A350-941 HS-THQ with stand
IF7521012B 1/200 Canada 3000 Boeing 757-28A C-FOOE
IF7521023A 1/200 Air 2000 Boeing 757-28A G-OOOD with stand
IF752AA0723P 1/200 American Airlines Boeing 757-223 N679AN with stand
IF752AA0832P 1/200 Oneworld (American Airlines) Boeing 757-223 N174AA Polished With Stand
IF752AE0224 1/200 Air Europe Boeing 757-236 G-BNSD AIR EUROPE with stand
IF752BM1223 1/200 BMI British Midland Boeing 757-28A G-STRY with stand
IF752FI123 1/200 Icelandair Boeing 757-200 TF-FIP with stand
IF752TW0623 1/2000 Trans World Airlines - TWA Boeing 757-2Q8 N712TW TWA with stand
IF752US0923 1/200 United Airlines Boeing 757-222 N515UA with stand
IF752ZB0124 1/200 Monarch Airlines Boeing 757-2T7 G-DAJB with stand
IF753757X 1/200 N757X BOEING HOUSE 757-300 with stand
1/200 Icelandair Boeing 757-308 TF-FIX with stand
IF753MY1223B1/200 Thomas Cook Airlines Boeing 757-3CQ with stand
IF753UA11231/200 United Airlines Boeing 757-33N N78866 with stand
IF763QF12231/200 Qantas Boeing 767-336/ER VH-ZXA with stand
JC200091/200 Bamboo B787-9 Dreamliner (VN-A829)
JC200351/200 Jeju Air Boeing 737-800 (HL8305)
JC200581/200 Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 "100th A380" (9M-MNF)
JC200621/200 Thai Airways Airbus A380 "Bare Metal" (F-WWAO)
JC201141/200 DHL (Air Hong Kong) Airbus A330-200F (B-LDP)
JC201231/200 China Eastern A340-600 (B-6052)
JC201771/200 Norwegian Air Shuttle Boeing 737-300 "Roald Amundsen" (LN-KHA)
JC20179 1/200 SAS B737-800 Star Alliance LN-RRL
JC20179A1/200 SAS B737-800 Star Alliance Flaps Down LN-RRL
JC202021/200 Air India Boeing 747-400 "Polished" (VT-ESO)
JC20202A1/200 Air India Boeing 747-400 "Polished" (VT-ESO) Flaps Down
JC202091/200 Iran Air Airbus A300-600R "OC" (EP-IBA)
JC20258 1/200 SAS Scandinavian B737-500 (LN-BRV)
JC202601/200 British Midland Airways Boeing 737-400 (G-OBME)
JC20304C1/200 TNT Express Boeing 747-400F "Interactive Series" (OO-THA)
JC203141/200 Air Canada Lockheed L-1011-500 Tristar "Singapore '85" (C-GAGG)
JC203391/200 Etihad A350-1000 "50 Years" (A6-XWB)
JC20339A1/200 Etihad A350-1000 "50 Years" (A6-XWB) "Flaps Down"
JC203551/200 Lufthansa Regional Embraer ERJ-190LR (D-AECA)
JC203801/200 ITA A330-900NEO (EI-HJN)
JC204131/200 Boeing House Color 727-100 "UDF Flight Test" "Polished" (N32720)
JC204211/200 Thai Aiways Boeing 777-300ER (HS-TTC)
JC204261/200 Riyadh Air B787-9 Dreamliner (N8572C)
JC20426A1/200 Riyadh Air B787-9 Dreamliner (N8572C) Flaps Down
JC22651/200 British Airways Boeing 767-300ER (G-BNWA)
JC2429A1/200 South African Airways Airbus A350-900XWB (ZS-SDF) Flaps Down
JC400061/400 Air New Zealand B777-300ER All Blacks ZK-OKQ
JC400341/400 Air India B747-400 "Polished" (VT-ESP)
JC40114C1/400 Qatar Cargo B777-200LRF Moved by People Interactive A7-BFG
JC401191/400 Condor Airbus A321 "Condor Passion" (D-ATCG)
JC401441/400 Finnair A350-900XWB "Finnair 100th Anniversary" (OH-LWP)
JC40144A1/400 Finnair A350-900XWB "Finnair 100th Anniversary" "Flaps Down" (OH-LWP)
JC401621/400 Qatar Amiri Flight Boeing 747-8(BBJ) (A7-HBJ)
JC401711/400 Turkish A350-900XWB "400th Aircraft" (TC-LGH)
JC401771/400 Air Canada Cargo B767-300ER(BDSF) (C-GHLV)
JC401931/400 Teleport (AirAsia) A321-200P2F (9M-TLA)
JC401941/400 Qantas Freight A330-200P2F (VH-EBF)
JC44711/400 Malaysia A380 Bare Metal (F-WWSG)
JCEW23060021/200 Lufthansa A300-600R "Football Nose" (D-AIAU)
JCEW23880111/200 Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 "SG50" (9V-SKJ)
JCEW47330011/400 Lufthansa Boeing 737-300 "Fanhansa" (D-ABEK)
JCEW474S0061/400 Qantas B747SP "Brisbane 1982" (VH-EAB)
JCLH212251/200 Antonov AN-225 "Red Line" (CCCP-82060)
JCLH23731/200 Swissair McDonnell Douglas MD-82 "Polished" (PH-MBZ)
JCLH23811/200 Volotea B717-200 EC-MGS
JCLH23861/200 Royal Air Force Vickers VC10 C1K (XV104)
JCLH24131/200 Condor Airbus A320 "Condor Sunshine" (D-AICU)
JCLH2430C1/200 Maersk Air Cargo B767-300(ER)(BDSF) "Interactive Series" (OY-SYA)
JCLH2436C1/200 Icelandair Cargo B767-300(ER)(BCF) "Interactive Series" (TF-ISH)
JCLH24541/200 Malaysia B737 MAX 8 (9M-MVA)
JCLH43111/400 Blue Air Boeing 737 MAX 8 (YR-MXC)
JCLH43451/400 Cubana Antonov An-26 "OC" (CU-T1425)
JCLH43561/400 Iraqi B787-8 Dreamliner (YI-ATC)
JCLH4356A1/400 Iraqi B787-8 Dreamliner "Flaps Down" (YI-ATC)
JCLH43581/400 Airbus Industrie A330-743L Beluga XL6 "Also flying outsized cargo to your destination" 
JCPX50051/500 All Nippon Airways Boeing 777-300ER "BB-8" (JA789A)
JCPX50071/500 All Nippon Airways Boeing 777-200ER "C-3PO" (JA743A)
JCSA20401/200 Condor B767-300(ER) "Retro" (D-ABUM)
JCSA20411/200 Japan A350-1000XWB (JA01WJ)
JCSA2041A1/200 Japan A350-1000XWB "Flaps Down" (JA01WJ)
JCSA20491/200 ANA B787-9 Dreamliner "Pikachu Jet" (JA894A)
JCSA2049A1/200 ANA B787-9 Dreamliner "Pikachu Jet" "Flaps Down" (JA894A)
JCSA4030C1/400 Cargo B747-400F "Silver Bullet" "Interactive Series" (B-HUO)
JCW72EA6B0061/72 EA-6B Prowler, U.S. NAVY, VAQ-132 Scorpions, 2005
JF73720071/200 737-204/Adv Ryanair Jaguar EI-CJE
JF73780031/200 737-800 KLM PH-BCG
JF73780121/200 737-8K2 Transavia Airlines - The Memory Maker PH-HSJ
JF73780231/200 737-86N Jin air (No Winglet, No Logo) HL7559
JF73780241/200 737-8SH Jin Air (With Winglet & Logo) HL8015
JF73780381/200 737-8Q8 Air Transat C-GTQC
JF78780021/200 787-8 Dreamliner ANA JA824A
JF78790031/200 787-9 KLM PH-BHL
JFA3190051/200 A319-112 Alitalia I-BIMI
JFA3190211/200 A319 Lufthansa City D-ABGH With Stand
JFA3200081/200 A320-232 WOW Air White LZ-WOW
JFA3200401/200 A320-211 Germanwings D-AIPD
JFA3210301/200 A321-231(P2F) Yamato Transport (Spring Japan) JA81YA With Stand
JFA3210321/200 A321-211 (P2F) SmartLynx Cargo 9H-CGA
JFA3210331/200 A321-251NX Germany Air Force 15+11
JFA3210341/200 A321-251N Play TF-PLA
JFA3210351/200 A321 Iberia Express EX-NIA
JFA3210391/200 A321-131 Lufthansa D-AIRS
JFA33020071/200 A330-223 LTU D-ALPG
JFA33020081/200 KC-30A (A330-203MRTT) Royal Australian Air Force A39-004
JFA34030041/200 A340-313 Lufthansa D-AIGX
JFA35090141/200 A350-941 Japan Airlines JA12XJ
WB359RU1541/200 Aeroflot - Russian Airlines Airbus A350-941 RA-73154 with stand
WB74730061/200 747-367 Cathay Pacific Airways VR-HIK
WB752H11/200 Hooters Air Boeing 757-2G5 N750WL with stand
WB753BOF1/200 Transavia Airlines Boeing 757-330 B-ABOF with stand
WBA33030121/200 A330-343 Singapore Airlines - Star Alliance 9V-STU