Posted by Malcolm on 5th May 2024

The models below will arrive in June 2024. This is to give you early notice that if you have pre-ordered one of these models.

Any order adjustments please let us know by the 31st May at the latest +/-

Email Peter on or call 01536 639 707 at your earliest convenience.

Thank you 

JC200071/200 South African Airways Boeing 747-300 "Nigeria Airways" (ZS-SAU)
JC200231/200 Germany Air Force Airbus A350-900ACJ
JC20023A1/200 Germany Air Force Airbus A350-900ACJ "Flap Down"
JC200391/200 Swiss B777-300ER HB-JNG 1/200 Swiss Boeing 777-300ER (HB-JNG)
JC20039A1/200 Swiss B777-300ER Flaps Down (HB-JNG)
JC200471/200 FedEx Boeing 777-200LRF "EcoDemonstrator"
JC200511/200 Cargolux Boeing 747-400F(ER) "Retro Livery"
JC200581/200 Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 "100th A380" (9M-MNF)
JC200931/200 China Airlines Boeing 747-400 "60th Anniversary" (B-18210)
JC200981/200 Maleth Aero Airbus A340-600 "Thank you NHS"
JC201081/200 Aeroflot Airbus A321NEO
JC201161/200 Israel Government Boeing 767-300ER
JC201201/200 Kalitta Air Boeing 747-400(BCF) "Mask Livery"
JC20120A1/200 Kalitta Air Boeing 747-400(BCF) "Mask Livery" "Flap Down"
JC201471/200 KLM exel ATR42-300 (PH-XLD)
JC201491/200 Aeromexico Boeing 767-300(ER) With Winglets
JC201501/200 Lufthansa A340-300 "Star Alliance"
JC201551/200 United B777-200 "FCF"
JC201581/200 United Airlines B767-200
JC201591/200 United Airlines Boeing 767-300ER "Battleship" (N666UA)
JC201821/200 Condor Airbus A330-900neo "Condor Beach" (D-ANRH)
JC201931/200 Lufthansa Cargo B777F "natural beauty"
JC20193C1/200 Lufthansa Cargo B777F "natural beauty" "Open Door"
JC202161/200 Thai Airways Airbus A300-600R "Last Flight" (HS-TAZ)
JC202261/200 State of Kuwait A340-500
JC202281/200 Kuwait A310-300
JC202431/200 United Airlines Boeing 737-500 "Tulip" (N927UA)
JC202511/200 Transaero Boeing 737-500 (VP-BYQ)
JC202681/200 Cebu Pacific Cargo ATR72-500F (RP-C7252)
JC202741/200 China Eastern Airlines Airbus A340-600 "Expo 2010 Shanghai" (B-6055)
JC202781/200 US Navy Boeing C-40A Clipper (165835)
JC202861/200 PW B747SP
JC20296C1/200 Ethiopian Cargo B777F " Interactive Series "
JC20301/200 Mandarin Airlines Embraer 190-100IGW
JC203301/200 Air New Zealand Link Saab 340A All Blacks Livery ZK-NSK
JC203381/200 Virgin Blue Airlines Embraer 190
JC203531/200 Air France Regional Embraer ERJ-170LR (F-HBXK)
JC203751/200 Qantas B747-400 "Wunala Dreaming" (VH-OJB)
JC20375A1/200 Qantas B747-400 "Wunala Dreaming" "Flaps Down" (VH-OJB)
JC203891/200 Boeing House Color 737-400 (N73700) Polished
JC204121/200 KLM Cityhopper ERJ 190-100STD "Progress Pride Stickers" (PH-EZG)
JC21351/200 Gulf Air Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner (A9C-FB)
JC22791/200 British Airways Express Bombardier Dash8-Q300 "Landor Livery"
JC22911/200 Pan Am Airbus A310-300
JC23041/200 Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER
JC23201/200 Boeing Company Boeing 777-200 "Eco Demonstrator Livery"
JC23671/200 SAS Scandinavian Airlines Bombardier CRJ-900 (Nordica Livery)
JC23931/200 Southwest Airlines Boeing 727-200 "Fantasy"
JC23961/200 Aer Lingus Boeing 737-500
JC24191/200 SAS Scandinavian A320NEO (SE-ROU)
JC24201/200 SAS Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A350-900XWB (New Livery)
JC2420A1/200 SAS Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A350-900XWB (New Livery) "Flap Down"
JC24261/200 Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A321
JC26441/200 Britannia Airways Boeing 757-200
JC27871/200 German Air Force Airbus A310-300
JC27881/200 Swissair Airbus A310-300
JC27891/200 Wardair Airbus A310-300
JC28261/200 KLM Airbus A310-200
JC400031/400 KLM B737-900 "Skyteam"
JC400041/400 KLM Exel ATR42
JC400221/400 SAS Scandinavian Airlines Boeing 737-800 "Star Alliance" (LN-RRE)
JC400291/400 SAS 767-300
JC400311/400 Lufthansa Cargo B777F "natural beauty"
JC40031A1/400 Lufthansa Cargo B777F "natural beauty" "Flaps Down"
JC40034A1/400 Air India B747-400 "Polished" (VT-ESP) "Flaps Down"
JC400381/400 DHL Boeing 757-200(PCF) "Thank You"
JC400411/400 SAS A319-100 "Retro"
JC400531/400 State of Kuwait A340-500
JC400551/400 LOT B767-300ER
JC400591/400 British Midland B737-400
JC400611/400 KLM ERJ190 "Skyteam"
JC400681/400 Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300(ER) "Retro Livery"
JC400911/400 Aeroflot-Don Ilyushin IL-86 (RA-86110)
JC400921/400 Eurowings Airbus A320 "FANAIRBUS"
JC400931/400 Brussels Airlines Airbus A330-300
JC401151/400 Condor Airbus A330-200
JC401241/400 Lufthansa Regional Embraer ERJ-190LR (D-AECA)
JC401281/400 Condor Airbus A330-900NEO Brown (D-ANRH)
JC401391/400 ITA Airways Airbus A320 (EI-DSY)
JC401411/400 Eurowings Airbus A321
JC401971/400 Saudi Arabian B787-10 Dreamliner "The Red Sea" (HZ-AR33)
JC4172A1/400 Royal Air Maroc B787-9 Dreamliner "Flaps Down" (CN-RGX)
JC44311/400 Thomas Cook Airbus A321 "I LOVE MCR logo"
JC44421/400 Garuda Indonesia Citilink Airbus A330-900NEO
JC44981/400 Air Canada Cargo Boeing 767-300(BCF)
JC48831/400 Aer Lingus Boeing 737-500
JC48871/400 Lufthansa Boeing 737-500 "Football Nose"
JC4910A1/400 Supertanker 944 Flap Down B747-400 N744S
JC49711/400 Air New Zealand Boeing 737-300 (ZK-NGD)
JC49761/400 Aeroflot Boeing 737-400
JC49781/400 Aeroflot Boeing 737-400
JC49911/400 KLM ERJ145
JC49921/400 KLM B767-300ER
JC49931/400 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 767-300ER "The world is just a click away" (PH-BZF)
JC49941/400 KLM B737-300ER "New Logo"
JCBK2008A1/400 Blank B747-400 With PW engines "Flaps Down"
JCEW221N0041/200 EasyJet Airbus A321NEO
JCEW23120021/200 Swissair/Lufthansa Airbus A310-200
JCEW23130031/200 Lufthansa Airbus A310-300
JCEW23130041/200 Lufthansa Express A310-300 (D-AIDD)
JCEW23200131/200 Lufthansa Airbus A320 "Star Alliance"
JCEW232N0041/200 Lufthansa Airbus A320NEO "Hauptstadtflieger Livery"
JCEW23330031/200 Dragonair Airbus A330-300
JCEW27330011/200 Lufthansa B737-300 " Fanhansa "
JCEW27330031/200 Lufthansa Boeing 737-300 "Official Airline UEFA 88" (D-ABXD) Polished
JCEW27520051/200 DHL Air Boeing 757-200(PCF)
JCEW27620021/200 British Airways Boeing 767-200ER
JCEW43200051/400 EasyJet Europe Airbus A320 "Berlin" (OE-IZQ)
JCEW432N0031/400 Swiss A320NEO (HB-JDA)
JCEW43330091/400 Dragonair A330-300 "Serving you for 25 years" (B-HYF)
JCEW43330111/400 Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300 "Tarihi Forma Livery"
JCEW43330121/400 Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300 "300th Aircraft"
JCEW43330131/400 Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300
JCEW43590061/400 Turkish Airlines Airbus A350-900XWB
JCEW4359006A1/400 Turkish Airlines Airbus A350-900XWB "Flap Down"
JCEW474S0031/400 Pan Am Boeing 747SP "Clipper Young America 50th"
JCEW474S0041/400 Pan Am Boeing 747SP
JCEW47520011/400 EasyJet Boeing 757-200
JCEW47720141/400 Singapore B777-200 (9V-SVN)
JCEW477L0021/400 Turkish Cargo Boeing 777-200LRF
JCEW47880051/400 Zip Air Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
JCEW4789009A1/400 Turkish Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner "Flap Down"
JCEW4F700031/400 KLM Fokker 70 (Silkair hybrid color)
JCLH22541/200 Chilean Air Force Boeing767-300ER
JCLH22741/200 HS748 "House colour"
JCLH22791/200 Air Passenger Bridge B747 (Transparent)
JCLH22931/200 Flybe Embraer ERJ-195LR "Kids & Teens" (G-FBEM)
JCLH23081/200 Air Cairo A320NEO (SU-BUK)
JCLH23121/200 LTU McDonnell Douglas MD-11
JCLH23131/200 LTU McDonnell Douglas MD-11
JCLH23151/200 Monarch Airlines Airbus Airbus A300B4-605R
JCLH23191/200 Monarch Airlines Airbus Airbus A300B4-605R
JCLH23221/200 British Island Airways McDonnell Douglas MD-83
JCLH23281/200 Kallita Air Boeing 747-400F
JCLH2328C1/200 Kallita Air Boeing 747-400F "Interactive Series"
JCLH2339A1/200 Norse Atlantic Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner "Flap Down"
JCLH23741/200 Finnair Cargo McDonnell Douglas DC-9-15(F)
JCLH23841/200 United Arab Emirates Government Vickers VC10 Srs1101 (G-ARVF)
JCLH24291/200 Airbus Industrie A321NEO "House Color" (F-WWAB)
JCLH24381/200 Airbus Industrie A321NEO ''XLR Title" (F-WWAB)
JCLH40911/400 Air Berlin Boeing 757-200
JCLH40951/400 Air Berlin Airbus A320 "Last Flight"
JCLH40971/400 Niki Airbus A320
JCLH41421/400 Airbus Transport International A330-700L "Bare Metal" (F-WBXL)
JCLH4161X1/400 Boeing Company Boeing 777-9x (House Color) "Folded Version"
JCLH41631/400 Thomas Cook Airlines Airbus A330-200
JCLH41961/400 Wizz Air Abu Dhabi Airbus A321NEO
JCLH42061/400 Air Berlin Airbus A330-200 "Berlin Brandenburg Airport"
JCLH42071/400 LTU Airbus A330-200
JCLH42081/400 LTU Airbus A330-200
JCLH42261/400 French Air Force Airbus A330-200
JCLH42301/400 Flybe Embraer 170-200STD
JCLH42441/400 UAE Abu Dhabi Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
JCLH4245A1/400 ACT Airlines Boeing 747-400(BDSF) "Flap Down"
JCLH42461/400 Germany Air Force Airbus A350-900ACJ
JCLH4246A1/400 Germany Air Force Airbus A350-900ACJ "Flap Down"
JCLH42511/400 Garuda Indonesia Airbus A330-300 "Cargo Title"
JCLH42581/400 Azul ATR-72-500
JCLH42621/400 TAP Air Portugal Airbus A330-900NEO
JCLH42671/400 Titan Airways Airbus A330-300(P2F) "GEODIS Livery"
JCLH42681/400 Hungary Air Cargo Airbus A330-200F
JCLH42791/400 Airbus A320(P2F) "World's 1st A320
JCLH43061/400 Italy Air Force Airbus A340-500
JCLH43071/400 Icelandair Boeing 737-400
JCLH43101/400 SkyUp Airlines Boeing 737-800 (UR-SQG)
JCLH4316C1/400 Silk Way West B747-400F "Interactive Series" (4K-BCH)
JCLH43181/400 Egypt Government Boeing 747-8
JCLH4319C1/400 Sky Gates Airlines Boeing 747-400F (VP-BCH) Interactive Series
JCLH43391/400 Kalitta Air B777-300(ER)(SF) N778CK
JCLH43441/400 IndiGo B777-300(ER) (TC-LKD)
JCLH43471/400 State of Kuwait Boeing 747-8(BBJ) (9K-GAA)
JCLH43731/400 Royal Canadian Air Force Airbus CC-330 Husky (330003)
JCLHM40031/400 JASDF C-1 68-1014
JCPX50011/500 All Nippon Airways Airbus A380 "Flying Honu - Lani Livery"
JCPX50021/500 All Nippon Airways Airbus A380 "Flying Honu - Kai Livery"
JCPX50031/500 All Nippon Airways Airbus A380 "Flying Honu - Ka La Livery"
JCPX50041/500 All Nippon Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner "R2D2 Livery"
JCPX50061/500 All Nippon Airways Boeing 767-300(ER) "Star Wars ANA Jet"
JCSA2008C1/200 British Airways Cargo B747-400F(SCD) "Interactive Series"
JCSA20161/200 DHL Airbus A300B4-600R(F) "Pride Livery"
JCSA20361/200 AerolĂ­neas Argentinas Airbus A330-200 "Argentina Football Livery"
JCSA20431/200 Japan B777-200ER (JA702J)
JCSA40051/400 Japan A350-900XWB (JA12XJ)
JCSA40081/400 Lufthansa Airbus A350-900XWB "Clean Tech Flyer"
JCSA40161/400 Asiana A350-900XWB "Fly Korea" (HL8381)
JCSA4016A1/400 Asiana A350-900XWB "Fly Korea" "Flaps Down" (HL8381)
JCSA40191/400 AerolĂ­neas Argentinas Airbus A330-200 "Argentina Football Livery"
JCSA40231/400 Qantas A330-200 "Pride is in the air" (VH-EBL)
JCTAP32077Y1/200 TAP Air Portugal Airbus A320